The Best Mobile Phone In The Market – The oneplus nord ce 5g

OnePlus has just launched the much awaited Oxygen Plus 3G in India. The dual-core Android mobile phone from Oppos is equipped with features that are more advanced than the Android phones of its competitors. The company claims that the Oxygen Plus can work as well if not better than the iPhone and the Blackberry. All the recent leaks and reviews about the product have made it all the more enticing for the consumers.

The device will be available on pre-order oneplus nord ce 5g from Oppos from tomorrow at 12 noon. The company has also released details about two additional colors in the range – the Sand Color and the Ivory Color. The sand color looks similar to that of the iPhone and the Ivory color is similar to that of the Blackberry. The two additional colors are expected to be launched along with the first batch of Oxygen Plus models which will be available in the market in the next few weeks.

The device uses the Google smartphone OS v6 which is based on the Android Kit Kat. It has the same interface as the iPhone and the Playbook. The one plus feature that comes with the phone is the ability to read emails on the go. The email client installed in the phone has the ability to browse the internet via Wi-Fi. One important feature in the email client of this smartphone is the ability to refresh the screen on the fly. This allows the user to see the new emails on the screen without refreshing the whole page.

OnePlus has confirmed that the software of the smartphone is entirely based on the Linux kernel. It also has been developed by the Linux Foundation and it has been certified by the Research Linux and Telecommunication Association for its security and performance capabilities. The android device comes with Google’s Android system and it also comes with the Play Store, Gmail and the Maps applications. Apart from these, the oneplus nord ce 5g has the additional features like the notification center, the browser, the messenger and the Hangouts integration.

The oneplus nord ce 5g has a large screen and it measures in at a width of 5.5 inches and it is available in two different colors – silver and gold. The model also comes with a fingerprint scanner and it can use the Android Kit Kat operating system. The device runs on the android operating system and it is powered through the USB connection. The battery of the phone lasts for approximately two and a half hours and it can work on two modes – single charge and double charge.

If you are looking for a good handset that can be used as a media player and a communication gadget at the same time, the oneplus nord ce series can be the perfect choice. The android devices with the One Plus brand offer great functionality and it also runs on top of the latest android software. There are several advantages of using this handset like it has a large memory space, it offers high quality sound quality, it has a complete range of motion sensors and it also has a high-end camera. So, if you are looking for a device that can make your multimedia experience all the more exciting, the oneplus series can be your best bet.